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Hi! I’m [Mikayla], and I’m looking for a Star Wars fan whose ideal weekend is watching movies and indulging in all sorts of snacks!


I’d like to meet a women who is not much into makeup and stuff. I want natural and raw. Women who feel comfortable in their own bodies are a huge turn on for me!


I’m just here to have some fun. Do you want to have fun with me? ;)


Let’s chat so I can tell you what I’m all about. No worries, I’m a fun women, I’m here to have a good time. Hit me up, I won’t bite—pinky promise. ;)))


I guess I’m looking for someone I can really talk to. I haven’t’ had any luck with women in the past, and I’m about to change that, starting this moment!


What I’m looking for? I’m better at explaining such things in person. Let’s talk and I’ll share.

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